Application of The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to Analyze Industries Risk Management in Metal Casting Industries

Sadi Sadi, Zuhrohtun Zuhrohtun, Indra Kusumawardhani


The purpose of this study is to identify possible risks within the Company and then create a risk matrix to determine the worst risks to be prioritized in control. This research was conducted on business owners and staff of metal casting companies members of Batur Jaya Industrial Cooperative Ceper Klaten using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) approach by focusing on strategic risks, operational risks, reporting risks, and corporate regulatory risks. The findings of the study resulted in form risks identification show that there are 38 risks that may occur within the Company. The calculation of the assessment of eaRiskisk is based on the weighting of eaRiskisk, then calculated the eigenvalue. TRiskisk needs to be prioritized to be controlled and immediately corrected by the Company is strategi Riskisk with a percentage of 51%. Meanwhile, the alternatives need to be considered and improved are improving the quality of service, the consistency of the Company in meeting the needs of consumers, information, and tax regulation.


Riskisk, risk management, analytic hierarchy process, eigenvalue

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