Small Business Communication Strategy in Facing Crisis

Muhammad Edy Susilo, Prayudi Prayudi


Crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a worldwide crisis. Various sectors of life are affected by this crisis, including small businesses. This research reveals how the producer of Batik "Dewi Kunthi" Sleman, Yogyakarta, which is a micro-enterprise, survives the crisis. Researchers used qualitative methods by digging data in depth from critical sources, making observations, and looking for relevant literature. This research used  Paul Argenti's concept in overcoming crises and Harold Lasswell's Model of  Communication. The results showed that the group experienced frustration when hit by a crisis. None of the consumers bought their product, and the production process stopped for nearly two months. However, they seemed to have the toughness to face a crisis. They not only used the steps suggested by Argenti in dealing with the crisis but also went beyond it. Dewi Kunthi Batik Group diversifies its products and intensifies communication both internally and externally.


crisis, micro-enterprise, product diversification, communication model Lasswell

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